Career Switch Profile on MSN

Last Friday when I logged onto my email account, I found PayPal orders pouring in, one after another!   When I asked customers where they heard of my workbook, the reply was:  Career Switch Success Stories on  MSN is my homepage.  I scrolled down and found the following:

English instructor to multiplication guru
“I was a [university] English composition instructor. With endless office hours and a deluge of e-mails from students every night, I felt it was time to pursue my dream. I had a big idea: a better way of teaching the times tables. As any parent knows or remembers, learning the multiplication tables represents a dreaded rite of passage for many children. When my son struggled with rote memorization, I invented a method based on easy number patterns. I published Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables, Fast, Fun & Easy!  to help other families and launched my company, TeaChildMath. This journey has been fantastic!” — Eugenia Francis, founder, TeaChildMath

Thank you, MSN and the author Rachel Zupek!


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