Book recommendation: Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book by Alan Baker

brown-rabbits-shape-bookSee what happens when a mysterious package, a big yellow box, arrives for Brown Rabbit.  Page by page, Brown Rabbit discovers, as will your child, all sorts of interestingly shaped objects inside such as:  a rectangle, a circle, a square and so on. Beautifully illustrated, this deceptively simple book packs a  big lesson in basic geometry.   The storyline is fun and engaging. Brown Rabbit is a delightful character to explore the world of shapes with.  Highly recommended for your preschool child.   

I came across this book at my library’s “Friends’ Bookstore.”  Be sure to see if your local bookstore has one as it’s a great place to buy books for your children.  Over the years, I have bought hundreds of books priced 25 to 50 cents!  Some of the pop-up books are a bit more expensive but still a huge bargain.  Your home should be filled with books.  As I’ve said before, reading to your child, sharing a picture book with him or her is an act of love.

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