Wishing you and your family Happy Times this Thanksgiving

On the front page,  the testimonial page, of every workbook I sell, I write, “Wishing you Happy Times!” and then I sign my name.  My wish is twofold:  not only do I want mastery of the times tables  to be a happy experience for your child but I also wish you  and your family Happy Times.

At the Thanksgiving dinner table yesterday, I reflected on all the blessings bestowed on my family:  good health and happiness, a daughter and a son and a son-in-law and daughter-in-law I love deeply and, of course, my daughter’s five little ones, the last two are four-year old twins. 

I also reflected on my journey with my little workbook and the families I’ve gotten to know through it both at book and homeschool fairs and also through emails from PayPal customers.  For your loyal support, I am extremely grateful.  You’ve shared your experiences with me, some extremely poignant.  That my little workbook has made a difference in your child’s life makes me truly happy.

                                 Wishing you and your family Happy Times!


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