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Many Thanks to Jackie in the UK!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

This review appeared on Amazon:

Best Multiplication tables book!  I bought a multiplication book, but then saw this one and bought this too. This is by far the best multiplication book. It is fun and easy and my little one loves it. I am glad I got this one. Absolutely perfect. 

My response  Jackie in the UK,
Thank you for your review! When my son balked at learning the tables through rote memorization, I knew there had to be a better way! Day by day, we discovered amazing patterns for each of the tables. I published my method to help other families. I smile when I imagine your son at the kitchen table with his mum in the UK much like Scott and myself when he was in the 3rd grade. Why not eliminate all that agony in learning the tables? Why not a creative, innovative approach that just might instill in your child a love of numbers and fascination with math? Thanks again, Eugenia Francis (the author)










Thank You for Customer Review on Amazon

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Hi everyone,

It’s fun to log on to Amazon and discover an Amazon customer (S. Hanany) loves my book and has posted a review!  Here it is: 

Excellent learning tool!  Makes math fun and easy to understand!  This book is great! My daughter, who is 10, has always had problems with math. She is in 5th grade and is clearly struggling. The author shows these little tricks and strategies that make math very easy and less intimidating to a child thinks it’s too hard. The pictures make it fun as well. I would definitely recommend it as a tool to help make math more fun and less work.

I live for reviews such as this!  Amazon now lets you post a comment about the review so I replied:

Thank you for your kind comments! Although the illustrations are designed for a younger child, my workbook is popular with older students like your daughter. My graphic artists and I spent two years designing the book cover to cover. There is art on every page such as watermark figures to trace. Many children who have an aptitude for math have an aptitude for art. I want to encourage this.

Just as you say, the tricks and strategies make learning the times tables so much easier. It’s not only difficult but highly inefficient to learn one math fact at a time. Seeing a pattern makes learning the table so much easier. Why not discover the beauty and logic of math at an early age? Instead of rote drills, let’s teach the tables in such a way that children are intrigued by math. I want all children to say, “I love math!”  (Eugenia Francis, the author)


It’s very gratifying to know that children are benefiting from my method.  In 2006, I had taught one child (my son) this method.  Now over 8,000 children have learned the times tables using my method!  Thank you S. Hanany and other parents and teachers for trying my workbook and sharing your success stories with others.