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Election Night, It’s all about percentages!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

guv77ca4upaw3caz8ki62cab46e4ycagrdr7xcagfqi0gcao8pqqical8svcoca8dksxqcaf5vyjgcaa5chdqcahuw8dlcajw4cvwca3wymjocatf1jezcaruq2ohcaazpbkacaqiax7fca2kiaaqI voted absentee  in the comfort of my kitchen amidst my notes on ballot measures.  So for me, no early morning trek over to the polling booths at my local elementary school or a quick dash this afternoon. 

This evening many of us will be riveted to our television screens waiting for election results.  For those of us in California, it will be interesting to see whether Meg or Jerry wins. Gallup polling predicts Jerry. The Fiorina/Boxer race appears to be close.  As you watch the results this evening, why not take a few minutes to explain to your third grader how tonight is about not only counting the votes but about analysts making predictions based on the early returns.  What does it mean that X candidate will win by 25%?  How is it X candidate is the projected winner based on an early lead of 12%?  Will that percentage change over the course of the evening? Tonight math matters.

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